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TTB's standard turnaround time for label approvals is 5 to 20 days. Lehrman Beverage Law, PLLC offers a much faster service; one that is offered by few if any other firms.

For a reasonable and predictable per-label fee, a licensed attorney will review your label for compliance with TTB's rules. If we are not able to complete the review on the day of receipt, we will not charge you (so long as we receive the label by 1 p.m. ET).

Robert C. Lehrman has reviewed hundreds of beer, wine and spirits labels in this manner over the years -- quickly and without mistakes.

All you need to do is send a legible copy of your proposed label (to or to 202-478-5189 [fax]). Within a few hours, we will let you know whether the label complies with TTB rules (or we will let you know the specific changes likely to be required). We will do so on a form similar to the one below.

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