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Virginia ABC

Lehrman Beverage Law’s State Practice Group handles ABC issues in the Commonwealth of Virginia. With experience before with the Virginia Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control (“VABC”) and the ABC Board, our State Practice Group handles ABC issues including:

  1. initial ABC licensing and business consultation;
  2. required compliance with other local government agencies;
  3. representation before the ABC Board in case of violations; and
  4. counsel for record keeping and reporting.
Our State Practice Group includes several experienced professionals expert in VA ABC Law. We successfully help clients at each tier of the industry--retail, wholesale, and production--secure the necessary licenses and permits required to lawfully and profitably conduct business in Virginia. Our attorneys assist clients in business, contract, property, and tax matters related to ABC compliance. Whether you are just starting out, are expanding into Virginia, or simply need guidance on complying with the complex rules and regulations, Lehrman Beverage Law is ready to assist you.
Our State Practice Group can assist you with:
  • VABC Retail Licenses for:
    • Restaurants, hotels, stadiums, grocery stores, delicatessens, drug stores, gourmet shops, convenience stores, private clubs, resort complexes, hospitals, and caterers, including:
      • On-Premises Beer, Wine and Beer, Mixed Beverage, Limited Mixed Beverage, Caterer Mixed Beverage, Limited Caterer Mixed Beverage, Combined Restaurant/Caterer Mixed Beverage Licenses; Off-Premises Beer, Wine and Beer Licenses; On- and Off- Premises Beer, Wine and Beer Licenses; Specialized Licenses for Amphitheaters, Art Instruction Studios, Arts Venue Events, Banquets, Banquet Facilities, Bed and Breakfasts, Canal Boat Operators, Carriers, Day Spas, Equine Sport Events, Gourmet Oyster Houses, Meal Assembly Kitchens, Motor Car Sporting Events, Motor Sports Facilities, Motor Sports Race Tracks, Museums, Performing Arts Facilities, Beer Shippers, Wine Shippers, Wine and Beer Shippers, Special Events, Manufacturer’s Multi-Day Events, Tasting, Banquets, and Club Events
  • VABC Industry Licenses for:
    • Breweries, cideries, wineries, distilleries, and wholesalers, including:
      • Beer Bottlers, Beer Importers, Beer Shippers, Beer Wholesalers, Breweries, Limited Breweries, Retail Off-Premises Breweries, Retail Off-Premises Limited Breweries, Distilleries, Fruit Distillers, Farm Wineries, Internet Wine Retailers, Wine and Beer Shippers, Wine Importers, Wine Shippers, Wine Wholesalers, Wineries, Retail Off-Premises Wineries, Fulfillment Warehouses, Gourmet Brewing Shops, and Marketing Portals
  • VABC Permits, including:
    • Permits to Import Personal Alcohol, Keg Permits, In-State Delivery Permits, Out-of-State Delivery Permits, Continuation of Operations Permits, Solicitor Salesman Permits, Solicitor Tasting Permits, Grain Alcohol Permits, Permits to Purchase Alcohol and/or Alcoholic Beverages, Special Transportation Permits-Culinary Use, Special Transportation Permits-Industrial Alcohol, and Out of Bond Permits.
  • Business entity formation
  • VABC license renewals and amendments
  • Trade name registration and renewal
  • Virginia excise and alcohol beverage taxes
  • Counsel for wine and beer franchise distribution agreements between wholesalers and producers
  • Spirits Brand Listings and Presentations before the Products Management Committee (“PMC”)
  • VABC brand registration and label approvals
  • Representation before the VABC Hearing Board for License/Permit violations and brand termination hearings
  • Appeals from VABC Board decisions
  • VABC license reporting, including: Monthly Statements and Mixed Beverage Annual Reviews (“MBAR”)
  • Compliance with the Virginia State Corporation Commission (“SCC”), Virginia Department of Taxation (“DOT”), local zoning boards, local business licensing agencies, Department of Health, and Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services (“VDACS”)
In many of these areas we provide flat and cost-effective fees, and we are happy to provide an initial consultation with no charge or obligation.
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