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About our Fees

We have represented the biggest beer, wine and spirits companies in the world. We have also represented some of the smallest. We take pride in providing the appropriate level of service to each. In our experience, some of the smallest companies want and need a high level of service, and some of the biggest, most profitable companies got that way in part by hewing to strict budgets.

We are happy to provide the level of service that fits your needs. For much of our work, we have standardized, flat fees, to avoid surprises and keep costs under control. We encourage you to ask about our fees. Upon request, we are happy to provide an estimate as to the time and money that may be required to achieve a particular result. We would keep this confidential whether you elect to move forward or not, and there would be no obligation unless or until you sign a retainer letter. Although legal fees are not always low, we believe we consistently provide good value compared to other firms and in view of how we can help your company succeed.

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