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Food Labeling and Compliance, Conventional Foods

Lehrman Beverage Law has extensive experience working with food producers and importers to help ensure compliance with FDA regulations for a wide variety of food products. We have special expertise with foods imported to the U.S.

We interact with FDA regularly and we assist companies with nutrient content claims, health claims, basic food labels, structure/function claims, organic claims, allergen statements, and gluten free foods, and other food law issues. In addition, we have reviewed labels of many different types of FDA-regulated products from sugar, olive oil, and pastries to low volume food products suitable for the small producer exemption. We frequently work with cider labels, moscato labels, wine coolers, kombucha, and other beverages predominantly regulated by FDA .

Our experience helps food companies in the following ways:

  • Find label issues or potential issues before the food product is placed in the market;
  • Have your label reviewed by a lawyer who focuses on food law;
  • Avoid misbranding, warning letters from FDA, and detainments at the port of entry;
  • Enter a new market, in compliance, and with a lower investment of time and money; and
  • Keep abreast to industry updates for food products through us – we’ll do the work for you.
preliminary review A specialized lawyer (usually Lindsey Zahn ) will review your label for 1 hour to identify the main issues, and explain them. This service is preliminary, low-cost and quick; if you need more, such as options about how best to make the label compliant, you then have the option to convert the request to a request for a Basic Review as below. This review is best for manufacturers who have a current label at market but are not sure whether it complies with U.S. regulations. In general, a Preliminary Review takes 1-2 business days.
basic review A specialized lawyer will provide a full analysis of the label, under federal rules, to include formatting and claims. The Basic Review includes a detailed assessment of mandatory requirements, label format and type sizes, ingredients list, statement of identity, nutrition facts panel format, net contents, country of origin labeling, and label claims. For each issue we highlight, we provide insight on what must or should be changed and steps on how to improve the label for FDA compliance In general, a basic label review takes about 10 calendar days and the cost will depend on the label and the nature of the legal issues raised. Please contact us in advance for a flat fee price estimate. A typical food label, with Basic Review, will have an estimate of 2-3 hours of lawyer time. We believe this is a better value compared to many other firms. Note : This review does not include a nutritional analysis of the product or a review of the packaging/advertising materials, although we can coordinate such review for you. In addition, the Basic Review is for federal FDA compliance only – please note that additional state laws and regulations (such as bottle redemption requirements) may apply to your label; we may be able to provide such assistance upon request but this is usually not included in our Basic Review.
rush review The Rush Review includes all of the features of a Basic Review, but we will complete the Rush Review in 3 business days or less. The price is generally 1.5 times the cost of the Basic Review. Please contact us in advance for more details.
hourly review Have specific questions about a particular label but don’t need a full label review? We can work on a time basis to answer questions regarding your product’s label. Hourly billable rates apply .

We are available at no charge and no obligation for a brief, initial consultation. To schedule a time to speak about how we can work with you, please e-mail

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