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Beer Law

Our law firm has wide and deep experience in beer law. We have four experienced beer lawyers. Three of them have brewing experience. Robert has been handling beer law issues for large and small brewers since 1988. John is an avid home brewer and has worked on TTB and other beer law issues since 2006. Dan is a craft beer aficionado particularly interested in trademarks, patents and licensing. Frank has focused on beer law and trademark law since he worked at Dogfish Head Craft Brewery during law school.This means we can save you lots of time and headaches as to:

The firm has over 50 years of combined, beer law experience, with a total of 7 beverage lawyers.

Over the past decade or so, we have worked on thousands of beer law issues, working in this area on a daily basis, with overwhelmingly good results . See lots more about about various beer law issues at our Bevlog (Beverage Law Blog) here .

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