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TTB rolled out Formulas Online (FONL) in early 2011. Lehrman Beverage Law has vast experience using the Formulas Online system, and the many preceding paper-based systems. This experience can save you lots of time, money and angst.

TTB is usually looking for a few specific things when reviewing beverage formulations. If you don't provide them, you are wasting your company's time. Based on wide experience, we can help you provide exactly what TTB needs to approve your formula rapidly and favorably.

Over the years, we have worked with all of the following formula-related processes:

  • Lab Reports (e.g., imported saké and imported vodka) .

  • Pre-Import Approvals (e.g., imported liqueurs and distilled spirits specialties) .

  • Formulas (e.g., for domestically produced wine and spirits products containing flavors) .

  • Statements of Process (e.g., for domestically produced malt beverages containing flavors) .

  • PFAP. This is a special TTB program designed to expedite approval for particularly urgent and important formulas.

  • Flavors. Most compounded flavors need TTB approval, to save on excise taxes and so the flavors may be used in alcohol beverages.

  • Flavor Ingredient Data Sheets (FIDS). This is a helpful or essential form, to show that the flavor is safe, natural, approved, any limits, and whether it contains colors.
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