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Many years ago, it was common for TTB to issue label approvals immediately, on the day of submission.

That was a long time ago.

These days it is not so easy to get a quick approval, even when you really need one.

For many decades, until 2011, TTB had a fairly liberal procedure to expedite label approvals. Under these rules, we had a great track record of helping hundreds of companies cut the wait from a few weeks to a few days. To a large extent, the days of easy expedites are over, replaced by a rigid first-in-first-out regimen. Although it is clearly more difficult to expedite labels, as compared to the years before 2011, it is not impossible. We can work with you and TTB to find ways to reduce delays and avoid costly business interruptions.

The firm offers a wide variety of pricing plans and levels of service to meet your particular needs.

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