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Beer, Wine and Spirits Labeling

On average, it takes TTB anywhere from 5 to 30 days to issue a Certificate of Label Approval ("COLA"). Wine and malt beverage labels tend to be a bit faster, and spirits labels tend to take a bit longer. Most of this page and this sites relates to TTB and alcohol beverage labels, but we also handle conventional foods and FDA labels.

We can work with COLAs Online or paper to help get your TTB label approved faster and more easily. We have handled tens of thousands of labels via paper and more than 50,000 labels via COLAs Online (we believe few if any other organizations have more approvals via COLAs Online).

In some instances, we can expedite the approval, cutting 2/3 or more compared to the normal wait.

If you need an even faster response, we can review your label under the Quick Check program and let you know the status of your label within a few hours after receipt.

If your label has minor errors here and there, we can help you get a temporary (i.e., use-up) approval when necessary.

Whether you are seeking normal approval, or expedited approval, we will thoroughly review your labels before submitting them to TTB. We are thoroughly familiar with the relevant laws and regulations. If we see problems we will call you right away so you have a chance to fix the labels. In this manner we have saved our clients many unnecessary delays.

If your applications appear to be in good order, we will submit them to TTB within a day of receipt.

For many of the services described on this page, we offer a flat fee which is no more expensive as compared to other organizations offering similar services.

FDA Labeling

Apart from alcohol beverages typically regulated by TTB, we have extensive experience working with food producers and importers to help ensure compliance with FDA regulations for a wide variety of food products. Details here.

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