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Fax: 202-478-5189
Mail: 2911 Hunter Mill Road, Suite 303 Oakton, VA 22124

We can make COLAs Online work better for you, because we know the rules. TTB has lots of rules (for using COLAs Online, in the CFR, at, unwritten, in the Beverage Alcohol Manual, etc.), and it can be difficult to get an optimal result unless you know many of these rules.

TTB/ATF has developed COLAs Online since about 2003. It is an all-electronic system for processing beer, wine and spirits labels. The new system can be quicker than the paper-based system that has been in place for at least 50 years. Lehrman Beverage Law, PLLC is committed to ensuring that the new and old systems will work well for you.

With the old, paper-based system it could take a week or more for your application to arrive in the right office, even with FedEx. By contrast, with the new system (after enrollment), you can have your application at the right office within 20-30 minutes after you start preparing it.

If you do not have an extra 20-30 minutes to spend on each label, if you are not familiar with TTB/ATF’s label rules, or if you are not familiar with how COLAs Online works,we can help. Instead of spending 20-30 minutes or more per label (reviewing your labels, scanning them to the right size and format, registering to use COLAs Online, filling out the online forms), for most labels all you need to do is submit legible labels to this office. Once you are properly enrolled as discussed at Requirements below, you can be done in as few as three clicks (forward to | | send). We can do the rest. Robert C. Lehrman has successfully and efficiently processed thousands of beer, wine and spirits labels over the past 25 years.

To demonstrate the benefits of COLAs Online, we are pleased to offer you two complimentary submissions. There is no fee and no obligation. To accept this offer, submit legible labels to We will promptly submit your labels to TTB/ATF in the proper format and keep you informed.

Commitments. In processing your label, we make the following commitments. We will:

  • Have an experienced attorney review your label before submission and alert you to any substantial complications.
  • Prepare the electronic application in accord with TTB/ATF rules.
  • Convert your labels into a form and format allowed by TTB/ATF.
  • Submit your labels to TTB/ATF within a day of receipt.
  • Notify you about the result within a day after TTB/ATF acts.
  • Protect the confidentiality of your work and archive the approvals to CD (upon request, as an added protection).

Requirements. To take advantage of this offer, you need to do three things:

  • Submit legible labels by fax, mail, expedited mail, or e-mail ( ). E-mail leads to the best results.
  • Grant a power of attorney under TTB Form 5000.8. On this form, please complete items 12 and 13, then return to this office in duplicate.
  • Provide a copy of your TTB/ATF permit.

Limitations. Please note the following limitations that apply to this offer:

  • This offer is good for up to two label submissions per permit.
  • We guarantee to comply with the above Commitments. There is no guarantee that TTB/ATF will approve your label.
  • If the product requires a formula or other Pre-COLA Approval you must provide a copy.
  • We would be happy to explain the relevant rules and regulations, to seek expedited approval (in as few as 48 hours), advocate approval of your label, or seek a use-up, but these services are not included in this complimentary offer and are available for a fee upon request.

We look forward to showing you a fast, easy, economical way to do COLAs Online. For any questions about this offer, or about our regular fees and services, please contact Robert C. Lehrman at or at the office.

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