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All here on this page is temporary/exploratory, a draft, subject to discussion and approval.

Achievements so far

July 2014

  • A great founding board, with John Little, Don Poffenroth, Robert Lehrman, Dave Bourne, Bill Scott
  • A great design firm, Ignite Beverage Branding , of Portland, Oregon
  • Filed for trademark(s), certification mark(s)
  • Formed a Sec. 501(c)(6) non-profit trade association, based in Washington, DC
  • CBA met with Senators Kaine and Warner about CBA
  • CBA talked with past and current TTB leadership about CBA
  • More than 200 surveys so far, from top industry members
  • Coordinated with over 200 industry leaders
  • Coordinated with several top Washington lobbyists and trade association officials
  • Consult with my 20 year buddy and Hon. Member of Parliament about non-U.S. participation.

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