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Thank you for retaining Lehrman Beverage Law, PLLC in connection with beverage alcohol regulatory matters. 1 The purpose of this document is to confirm the firm’s engagement and set forth our policies on assignments and billing. Robert C. Lehrman will be the attorney primarily responsible for your legal work; other personnel may assist, as appropriate, in order to handle the work properly and efficiently. 2

1. Fees . We plan to send bills about once a month. 3 For the firm’s most common services (such as label and formula services), we will charge you according to the rates set forth here . 4 We assign hourly rates based on years of experience, specialization and level of professional attainment. Robert C. Lehrman is a Member of the firm and is currently billed at $345 per hour. It is difficult to estimate the amount of time and effort that may be required; it depends on such factors as the novelty and difficulty of the matter, and the degree of assistance provided by the client. These rates may be adjusted from time to time; we will notify you of any change in advance. 5

2. Costs . In addition to our fees, our bills may include allowable charges for disbursements, including computerized legal research, courier services, and express shipping. There is generally no charge for routine telephone, fax, photocopying, postage or transportation.

3. Retainer . We require a $500 retainer payment at the outset of this representation, before we commence any substantial work on your behalf. It is easiest for you and us if you submit the funds to the trust account via credit card at the link here . Monthly statements will reflect a credit for the retainer balance until it has been fully utilized.

4. Payment . Invoices are due and payable upon receipt. All invoices not paid within 30 days of the date rendered will be subject to interest charged at the rate of 1.25 percent per month. For any accounts more than 60 days past due, we may refer the matter to a collection agency and add reasonable collection fees to your outstanding balance. 6

5. Conflicts . Most of the firm’s work is concentrated in the alcohol beverage industry. We work with many brands and companies in this industry, and some of them may compete with your brand or company. In line with the applicable lawyer ethics rules, we will not act in any manner or matter materially adverse to your interests (unless we have your informed consent to do so, within the bounds of bar rules). 7

6. Termination . You have the right to terminate this engagement at any time, but this will not relieve you of responsibility for legal fees or disbursements already accrued. We have the same right to terminate this engagement if you fail to pay our bills in a timely manner, misrepresent any material facts in the course of our representation, or if anything else occurs that in our judgment impairs an effective attorney-client relationship.

We look forward to assisting you and your business over the course of a long and pleasant relationship. If this arrangement meets with your approval, please submit this form and the retainer funds as at section 3 above. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us .

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